Crew Conference at Manila, Philippines | February 2017

OPTIMUM has completed the crew conference held in Manila, Philippines on 20-21 February 2017, with the purpose to enhance the safety & environmental awareness of her crew & listen to their thoughts.

 A dinner has been also held with the seafarers and their families, along with manning agencies’ representatives’ attendance.

Conference included the presentation “Building Corporate Identity and Performance’’ performed by Mr. Green Jakobsen with regards to the below topics:

• Culture
• Team Leadership
• Active Listening / Harassment and Bulling
• Conflict Management and conversation on ‘’live’’ cases that we dealt with through open reporting

Comments received from participants were very positive, while the instructors interacted with the seafarers and delivered satisfactory results.

Cpt Dean Menezes (Environmental Manager) and SECAT team managed to properly deliver the first “Sewage log and Garbage record book workshop”. Workshop deemed very helpful, well prepared, well delivered and understood by all, with many examples taken and explained to the participants. Various questions were clarified to the seafarers.

Both on the first and the second day, representatives from MAYFAIR/CREWSURE (health card program) attended and replied to the questions received from our seafarers, while body fat and blood pressure measurements were carried out. Optimum believes that wellness of our seafarers will increase their wellbeing/welfare onboard our vessels.