Crew Conference at Manila, Philippines | October 2015

Optimum S.S. Ltd 4th Quarter 2015 crew conference organized and took place at Manila on 27th, 28th and 29th of October 2015 with the participation of Senior and Junior officers , representatives from Scorpio Affiliate Offices, guests from Universities, Flag Authorities and 3rd Party Shipping experts, who attended and participated as speakers with various maritime related topics.

Attendees & seafarers were coming from different manning agencies, that Optimum S.S. is working with, including Filipino and Russian Manning agents. Speakers presented and referred to topics related with the day to day activities on board vessels while workshops organized with the live interaction of speakers and seafarers, in order to increase the awareness and safety culture on board our managed vessels. The attendees, coming from many different countries, have been requested to evaluate the process, resulting to very satisfactory comments.

The speakers included G.Vasilakis – (Managing Director OSS), Mr. Luca Carroni – (Operation Manager Monaco STI-SBI), Pawan Virk – (Operation Manager Mumbai), Cpt P.Bitsakis – (Head of Crew OSS), Mr.Fletcher Martins – (Marine Manager), Cpt Lalas Th. – (Deputy Commissioner of Maritime Affairs MI), Mr.Ole Schroder – (Team Director of Environmental Compliance), Mr.Dean Menezes – (Environmental Manager SECAT TEAM), Mrs Croonen Elise – (MTI Network Rep.), E. Kalinderis – (Technical Manager OSS), Cpt Jerry Draper (OSS Representative), Adrian Albano – (Vessel Support SCORPIO GROUP), Professor Pachoundakis I. & Professor Spyrou E. – (University of Piraeus).

The variety of the speakers’ background assisted much to provide all participants with an holistic view and knowledge on the subjects discussed. Moreover, the seafarers have been given the opportunity to strengthen the bonds with the top management of Optimum Ship Services, who conveyed commitment towards implementing the Company’s policies and objectives and openly discussed with Officers and crew about safety, health, quality & matters of concern.